What We’re Reading May 2019

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1. How all 50 States Tax Retirees (Kiplinger)

A nice piece from Kiplinger on how each state taxes retirement income. Certainly something worth considering if you are moving to another state to retire.

2. Low Volatility and Minimum Volatility are not the same (S&P Dow Jones)

From S&P Dow Jones “Indexology” blog is a brief but technical description of the differences in a low volatility and minimum variance index. These differences are important to understand before employing any low volatility strategy in a portfolio.

3. Is there an upside to Sequence of Return risk? (Morningstar)

A video and interview with Michael Kitces about the potential “upside risk” in the 4% rule in retirement.

4. NJ needs a pension fix. Is this it? (Wall Street Journal)

Pensions in the U.S. are facing many challenges over the next several years. This is an interesting take on some of the potential fixes and what the landscape might look like in years to come.

Retirement account gaffes: Clients’ biggest withdrawal mistakes (Financial Planning)

From IRA expert Ed Slott on some of the mistakes people make when taking money out early from a retirement account. Always worth remembering what qualifies and what doesn’t.