Frequently Asked Questions

InFocus Financial Advisors has a primary focus on transitioning people into their retirement years. Different professions retire at different times, whether you’re a teacher or a doctor, your career trajectory may look very different, and that’s okay. Our goal is to assist you in navigating challenges and making informed decisions as you approach retirement. We ensure consistent, high-quality service for clients at all career levels.

We conduct classes as an integral part of our company’s essence, aiming to educate individuals transitioning into retirement. Beyond serving our clients, we extend our educational efforts to the communities we live in, hosting classes in various locations such as local libraries and neighborhood clubhouses. Our diverse ideas and nuanced approach contribute to our effectiveness in guiding people through retirement. These classes not only disseminate knowledge but also empower us to stay on top of relevant questions, fostering continuous learning and ensuring our proficiency in assisting others.

As certified financial advisors, we inherently operate as fiduciaries, bound by both legal and moral obligations to prioritize our client’s best interests. This commitment remains steadfast, reflecting our unwavering dedication to acting in your optimal financial interest.

Yes. We partner with Cetera Advisors, LLC who is an independent broker-dealer. That means we don’t offer proprietary products. We have access to a broad suite of investment options and products that we can select from to deliver solutions in the best interest of each and every one of our clients.

We have a regular, formal investment committee and process. Our investment philosophy is one of growth with an underlying focus on risk-management. To manage portfolio risk, we periodically trim positions with significant profit and buy into markets to navigate periods of volatility. Over-time, we believe this will reduce overall portfolio volatility and risk. We thoroughly research investment solutions prior to implementing them in client portfolios using a fiduciary criteria and due diligence process.

We primarily focus on helping people transition into retirement. Our regular process and investment philosophy is geared towards individuals at this life stage. We also work closely with our clients families, including younger generations to help them get on the right track to build their own wealth.

Not only can we refer you to other local professionals, we work in tandem with them to provide the best all around solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on being part and leading local professional organizations to further team-based client solutions and our own knowledge base.

Our firm is made up of a team of credentialed professionals and will always be accessible to help. Our goal is your call will always be answered during office hours. Whatever the issue or question may be, our team addresses it the second we hear about it. In most cases, you will not be billed in addition to any applicable fees involved in the client-planner relationship.

This is mostly up to you. Generally, in the first year there are typically more meetings as we get your initial planning completed and implemented. After the first year, we like to sit down with you 1-2 times a year for a full and in-depth financial review. Our team also provides regular market update webinars and regular communication so you will never miss something important happening in the market or around the office. We even throw in a few fun events and we’ll make sure that you don’t miss out.

Our first hour is of no cost to you. Working together after the first meeting, we pride ourselves on transparent fees and relationship. We mostly work clients on a fee basis, depending on the size of your account and planning complexity. That means our fees are either deducted directly from your account that we are managing or billed on an hourly basis. These fees are discussed and agreed upon in advance of any plan or relationship implementation.