What We’re Reading: Mid-Year 2024 Edition

Retirement, a phase of life many look forward to, is evolving in fascinating ways. From financial planning to lifestyle choices, staying abreast of the latest trends and insights is crucial for anyone approaching or enjoying retirement. Here’s a curated selection of recent articles that delve into intriguing retirement topics:

1. How to Vet the Financials of A Continuing Care Retirement Community – WSJ

Continuing Care Retirement communities are becoming increasingly popular and relevant discussions for retirees. An important consideration is how sound the community is and how that may affect your future there. This article is an excellent primer on the subject.



2. 8 Little Known Facts About RMDs – Christine Benz, Morningstar

This is an excellent article from Retirement researcher Christine Benz on some commonly missed rules regarding RMDs. The rules have been changing lately, so this is an important one!



3. Federal Open Market Committee Minutes – June 11-12, 2024 – Federal Reserve System

Curious about where interest rates are headed? There is no better place to look than the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting minutes and forecasts. We look forward to these meetings and releases and pay close attention to their contents.



4. Inflation Puts More Retirees at Risk of Running Out of Money – Anne Tergesen, WSJ

We’ve said for a long time that inflation is a retiree’s worst enemy. Anne does a nice job summarizing the how and why in this article for the Wall Street Journal.



5. Social Security’s Financial Outlook: The 2024 Update in Perspective – Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

Are you worried about the future of Social Security and its solvency? This updated report from the Center for Retirement Research gives some great perspective on where we might be headed.



These articles offer a glimpse into the diverse aspects of modern retirement living. Whether you’re planning for your retirement or already enjoying it, staying informed about these topics can help you make informed decisions and enhance your overall retirement experience. Keep exploring, keep learning, and make the most of this exciting phase of life!

Happy reading and happy retirement planning!