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What goes up must come down?

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The title is a little misleading. In investing, it can be a bit of a misnomer that if the price of an asset increases substantially, it becomes “due” for a...

Lifetime Gifting

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Retiree’s have benefited from over a decade of an incredible equity market run since the depths of the financial crisis. By and large, “sustainable” portfolio withdrawal rates from 4-6% have...

What’s Up With the Consumer?

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In our most recent investment committee meeting, we were discussing the importance and state of the U.S. consumer. It’s an important topic, and something we often pay attention to. Why?...

What We’re Reading – December Edition

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  1. You Can’t Invest Without Trading. You Can Trade Without Investing – Jason Zwieg
    2. The recent craze in crypto currencies, “meme-stocks” and interest in other assets begs the question: What’s an investor? In his long-running Intelligent Investor column, Jason set’s out to answer that question. (May require subscription)