What We’re Reading – August Edition


  • One of the benefits of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates is what it does for savers and holders of cash. In comparison to the last decade, there are now some “attractive” options relative to inflation to place your cash.


  • You may have seen the headlines worrying about the state of the U.S. consumer and how it may affect the U.S. economy. One of those recent headlines is the growing amount of consumer debt, specifically credit cards. This has been symptomatic of the deluge of spending Americans have been on since the pandemic. We believe this is a normal dynamic for now, and largely symptomatic of strong consumer sentiment.


  • Finally! Clarification on the “10-year rule” for beneficiaries. While this is the technical note of the recent release from IRS publication 2023-54, in short, some beneficiaries of IRA accounts WILL have to take Required Minimum Distributions still even during the 10-year period.


  • Someone once called compounding the “eighth wonders of the world”. More and more people are finding out why. A recent survey of major 401(k) providers indicates there are more millionaires than ever in employer-sponsored retirement plans.