What We’re Reading – June Edition

hand holding watering can watering money tree
  1. The Time Is Right for Aftertax 401(k) Contributions – Christine Benz, Morningstar
    1. https://www.morningstar.com/articles/1042667/the-time-is-right-for-aftertax-401k-contributions
    2. Christine covers why the prospect of higher taxes, and the availability of conversions to the work-place make after-tax saving, and conversions attractive for many. We’ve been working with our clients on this concept thing over the last several years.
  2. Navigating Possible Tax Policy Changes – Northern Trust
    1. https://www.northerntrust.com/ntlanding/wm/institute/articles/navigating-possible-tax-policy-changes/index.html
    2. A nice compilation here of what’s looming tax wise. They assign probabilities to various tax proposals from the current administration.
  3. How inflation helps the stock market set records – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
    1. https://fredblog.stlouisfed.org/2021/06/how-inflation-helps-the-stock-market-set-records/
    2. All the worry about inflation, how does that affect the stock market? A nice quick blog from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on how inflation can make market high’s look better than they are.